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Multi-Step Phishing Kit Targeting Credit Union

Phishing attacks can come in all shapes and sizes. Posing a serious threat to industries large and small, phishing campaigns are the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive personal information or login details to gain unauthorized access to accounts to make fraudulent purchases. These malicious attempts to lure victims are often done by masquerading as a More Info »

How to Protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from Search Engines

In today’s internet age we take our privacy for granted. We sign up for many services which are “free.” We participate in giveaways and generally give out information about ourselves all the time to websites that might not be very reputable and hardly anyone reads their privacy policy or terms of service. Selling private information More Info »

Assemble the Cookies

When we investigate compromised websites, it’s not unusual to find malicious files that have been obfuscated through forms of encoding or encryption — however, these are not the only methods that attackers use to obfuscate code. Obfuscation via Predefined PHP Variables Here’s an example of obfuscation that doesn’t use encoding or encryption in any way: More Info »

Free Sucuri WAF for Medical & Social Services

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there is concern about health systems worldwide. Many people in isolation or self-quarantine are looking for accurate medical information online on a daily basis. As a result, it is crucial that public health and social service websites remain available. We want to prevent malicious users from abusing these types of websites. More Info »

Tips for New Remote Workers

With the new pandemic hovering over our heads, the main piece of advice from most countries is stay home. Working remotely is a new reality for many people around the world, and Sucuri can help you make this new endeavor easier for you. We have been an entirely remote team since the creation of the More Info »

2020 Website Security Glossary

As the online threat landscape continues to evolve, so too does the language we use to describe it. To support a safer internet for everyone, we’ve compiled this glossary. Based on our research, this is today’s most relevant terminology in website security. A Adware: Often in the form of browser pop-ups or unclosable windows, adware More Info »