Pushing Nginx to its limit with Lua

At CloudFlare, Nginx is at the core of what we do. It is part of the underlying foundation of our reverse proxy service. In addition to the built-in Nginx functionalities, we use an array of custom C modules that are specific to our infrastructure including load balancing, monitoring, and caching. Recently, we’ve been adding more More Info »

CloudFlare and Parallels to Bring Website Performance and Security to Millions of SMBs

In early October we quietly announced our partnership with Parallels, a global leader in hosting, cloud services enablement and desktop virtualization. Parallels makes it easier for service providers, like webhosts, to grow their business with service delivery software and a robust partner ecosystem. Today, we are officially launching our partnership with Parallels. If you are More Info »

Choosing a Two-Factor Authentication System

We’ve been thinking about how to best implement two-factor authentication to better protect our customers’ accounts for quite some time now. When, about 6 months ago, my account was targeted by hackers the importance of a good account security became clear. However, as my hacking case illustrates, two-factor authentication alone is not a complete answer. More Info »

Two-factor Authentication Now Available

With web performance and security being the core of CloudFlare, we are always looking for ways to improve not just our customers’ website security, but their account security as well. Therefore, we are excited to now offer two-factor authentication for all CloudFlare accounts. With two-factor authentication, our customers’ accounts get an added layer of login More Info »

SEO and your website

*We get a lot of questions from our customers about CloudFlare and how we impact SEO. So when SEO.com signed up for CloudFlare, I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk to an expert to get the scoop on all things SEO. I was fortunate enough to connect with Derek Perkins, Vice President More Info »

The many sites of CloudFlare

Each day I get to trade notes with CloudFlare customers. I’m constantly amazed by the diversity of businesses that use the service from around the world. I wanted to share some stories from some of our customers about their experience on CloudFlare. Sporting Events The San Francisco Marathon The San Francisco Marathon is a popular More Info »