Throwback Threat Thursday: WordPress 4.7 WP-JSON Content Injection Vulnerability

Throwback Threat Thursday is a series of posts where we recall older vulnerabilities that have since been patched by their developers. In the past, these vulnerabilities caused significant impacts to the security of website owners. Some vulnerable sites may still be found in the wild. Back in early 2017, our research team was looking into More Info »

3-D Secure SMS-OTP Phishing

One of our remediation analysts Eli Trevino recently discovered a phishing page informing victims about fake Netflix service disruptions, supposedly due to problems with the victim’s payment method. The phishing page prompts victims to provide their payment details to prevent account lockout: What’s interesting about this phishing page is that it selectively targets victims within More Info »

7 Tips for Protecting Your Website

For many people, website security is an intimidating topic. It seems like there’s an endless list of things necessary for protecting your website. And while resources like our Website Security Guide cut through much of the clutter of the threat landscape, some folks might need it simplified even further. Okay, we hear ya. If you’re More Info »

What is Pharma Hack Spam?

Have you ever seen a website advertising products that seem unrelated to the apparent purpose of the site? Often, this suspicious content is promising pharmacy drugs, available quickly and without a prescription. That’s a classic example of a pharma hack. It’s very important to understand what a pharma hack is and how to stop it More Info »

Website Vulnerability vs. Malware – What’s the Difference?

To better understand the difference between website malware and vulnerabilities, imagine your online property is a brick-and-mortar structure. You’d want to keep safe from burglars, so you take measures to protect your house, like locked doors and windows, and installing an alarm system. It’s the same thing with website security. But with your online property, More Info »

Is My Site Hacked?

It’s a day every website owner fears. You open the website you’ve poured your time, energy, and money into, only to find your home page looking very different. After your stomach sinks and you take a long gasp, you’ll likely shout out in frustration, “My site has been hacked! What do I do!?” But not More Info »