How to use Cloudflare for Service Discovery

Cloudflare runs 3,588 containers, making up 1,264 apps and services that all need to be able to find and discover each other in order to communicate — a problem solved with service discovery. You can use Cloudflare for service discovery. By deploying microservices behind Cloudflare, microservices’ origins are masked, secured from DDoS and L7 exploits More Info »

Labs Notes Monthly Recap – June/2017

This month, our Malware Research and Incident Response teams wrote about redirects that deliver malware and ads to visitors, as well as a backdoor method that attempts to hide from webmasters by using undefined variables. Sucuri Labs provides website malware research updates directly from our teams on the front line. You can read past monthly More Info »

Aquele Abraço Rio de Janeiro: Cloudflare's 116th Data Center!

Cloudflare is excited to announce our newest data center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is our eighth data center in South America, and expands the Cloudflare network to 116 cities across 57 countries. Our newest deployment will improve the performance and security of over six million Internet applications across Brazil, while providing redundancy to More Info »

Ninth Circuit Rules on National Security Letter Gag Orders

As we’ve previously discussed on this blog, Cloudflare has been challenging for years the constitutionality of the FBI’s use of national security letters (NSLs) to demand user data on a confidential basis. On Monday morning, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals released the latest decision in our lawsuit, and endorsed More Info »

What is Cross-Site Contamination and How to Prevent it

If you suffer multiple reinfections and your site is one of many in an account, the odds are high that you’re suffering from cross-site contamination. Cross-site contamination is when a site is negatively affected by neighboring sites within the same account/server due to poor isolation on the server and/or account configuration. This phenomenon is one More Info »

Code Injection in Signed PHP Archives (Phar)

PHP contains an interesting but rarely used feature called Phar, which stands for PHp ARchive, that allows developers to package entire applications as a single executable file. It also boasts some additional security benefits by signing archives with a digital signature, disallowing the modification of the archives on production machines. According to the official PHP More Info »

New Guide on How to Clean a Hacked Drupal Sites

Drupal is an open-source content management system and website builder with a unique structure that allows it to be highly flexible and extendible. For these reasons and more, it’s favored by technical developers and many large websites, including .gov and .edu domains. With its popularity among enterprise and mid-market users, there is a strong focus More Info »

How to make your site HTTPS-only

The Internet is getting more secure every day as people enable HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP, on their sites and services. Last year, Mozilla reported that the percentage of requests made by Firefox using encrypted HTTPS passed 50% for the first time. HTTPS has numerous benefits that are not available over unencrypted HTTP, including More Info »