What are Website Backdoors?

When a site gets compromised, the attackers will often leave some piece of malware behind to allow them access back to the site. Hackers want to leave a door open to retain control of the website and to reinfect it continuously. This type of malware is called a backdoor. What Are Backdoors? Backdoors are types More Info »

Why You Should Care about Website Security on Your Small Site

Most people assume that if their website has been compromised, there must have been an attacker evaluating their site and looking for a specific vulnerability to hack. Under most circumstances however, bad actors don’t manually hand-pick websites to attack since it’s a tedious and time consuming process. Instead, they rely on automation to identify vulnerable More Info »

Magento Credit Card Stealer Reinfector

In the past few months, we have frequently seen how attackers are infecting Magento installations to scrape confidential information such as credit cards, logins, and PayPal credentials. That is why we have reported on a credit card stealer reinfector of Magento websites in one of our recent Labs Notes. In this post, we describe one of More Info »