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Advancing Privacy Protection with the GDPR

A game-changer The road towards implementation of the new European GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) has been a long one, even though public awareness of its impact, especially outside of Europe, is only now really starting to take hold. This game-changing piece of EU legislation will require companies to fundamentally change how they process More Info »

App Highlight: Hardenize

Hardenize is a comprehensive security tool that continuously monitors the security and configuration of your domain name, email, and website. Ivan Ristić, the author of Hardenize, gave a demo of his app at our Cloudflare London HQ. Do you know how secure your site is? View a Hardenize report on your website by clicking this More Info »

Personal Security Guide – iOS/Android

We’ve covered a lot of personal security practices, but many people forget how important it is to secure mobile devices, which are riddled with personal information. Website owners should consider how their entire digital life can impact the security of their website and visitors. If your phone is compromised, website access can be impacted through More Info »

How to Create Website Backups Using Command-line Tools

Creating website backups should be one of the most important recurring tasks for a website administrator, and yet backups are often forgotten when thinking about website security. Creating backups using command-line tools are available to all Linux/Mac users for free. If you’re not on Linux/Mac, we have step-by-step guide on how to create website backups More Info »