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Malware Serving SEO Spam from External Sites

We handle an enormous number of SEO spam infections here at Sucuri. In Q3 of 2016, approximately 37% of all website infection cases were related to SEO spam campaigns through PHP, database injections or .htaccess redirects. An SEO spam infection can be devastating to a website’s credibility and reputation. Many website owners recognize and appreciate More Info »

Cloudflare London Meetup Recap

Cloudflare helps make over 6 million websites faster and more secure. In doing so, Cloudflare has a vast and diverse community of users throughout the world. Whether discussing Cloudflare on social media, browsing our community forums or following Pull Requests on our open-source projects; there is no shortage of lively discussions amongst Cloudflare users. Occasionally, More Info »

A Fast, Secure Migration to Google Cloud Platform using Cloudflare

OnAir Video Presentation Abstract Looking to host your website, application, or API in the cloud, or migrate to a new cloud provider while keeping your data secure? In this webinar, Trey Guinn, Head of Solutions Engineering at Cloudflare, will discuss how companies should approach security, during and after migration. We’ll highlight the migration story of More Info »

Website Hosting: Security Awareness Can Reduce Costs

Website hosting security has matured in recent years. Naturally, the types of security issues have changed because of it. For example, cross-contamination over multiple shared hosting accounts used to be a major problem for large website hosting providers,  but this isn’t really a huge threat today. However, malware attacks and other website security-related issues at the More Info »

A New Cybersecurity Strategy for Europe

October is European Cybersecurity Month, an annual advocacy campaign to raise awareness of cyber risks among citizens and businesses, and to share best practices in cybersecurity. This year’s campaign was launched at an event in Estonia, a country which both holds the current Presidency seat of the European Council and is well known as being More Info »

Introducing Cloudflare Workers: Run Javascript Service Workers at the Edge

TL;DR: You’ll soon be able to deploy Javascript to Cloudflare’s edge, written against an API similar to Service Workers. Try writing a Worker in the playground » Introduction Every technology, when sufficiently complicated, becomes programmable. You see this everywhere, but as a lifelong gamer, my personal favorite example is probably graphics cards. In the ’90s, More Info »