SiteCheck Extended – Making It Easier to Scan Your Websites

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Sucuri SiteCheck is our free website malware scanner that crawls any website to detect signs of Malware injections, SEO Spam, Blacklisting, Defacement and other similar indicators of a compromised website.

It is widely used by Webmasters to verify if their sites have not been compromised or blacklisted. And now we’re extending it to other platfroms, by making it easier to use from multiple devices and products.

Please be sure to take a minute to understand how SiteCheck works, then leverage it on your own web properties to show visitors that your site is malware-free.

Webmasters will have the ability to scan websites directly from browsers (Chrome and Firefox) as well as from within any CMS dashboard, like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

Here is how you can now integrate SiteCheck. Please be sure to read below to see how each widget and plugin can work for your website or web property.

  • SiteCheck Widget – Add the SiteCheck Scanner to your web site
  • SiteCheck WordPress Plugin – Scan your WordPress site from your wp-admin dashboard
  • SiteCheck Firefox – Extension to scan any site directly from your browser
  • SiteCheck Chrome – Extension to scan any site directly from your browser
  • SiteCheck cPanel – Plugin to allow SiteCheck to be integrated on cpanel/WHM
Sitecheck Widget

We created a SiteCheck widget for you to put on your site to help your visitors check their own site or any other. Now, visitors can check their sites for malware, blacklist status and outdated software to insure that their site is up to date.

SiteCheck Widget
You can find all the information here:

You can generate the widget based on your own requirements. If you become an affiliate, you’ll be able to create use an affiliate code for your widget and make a 25% commission when visitors sign up for a Sucuri plan using the scanner. Not too shabby, right?

If you’re looking for an example of the widget, just look at the bottom right of our labs site.

SiteCheck Firefox Extension

If you use Firefox, you can add SiteCheck directly to the browser via the add-ons. It’s very similar to our Chrome extension and allows for quick scanning without the need to go to every time you want to scan your site.

SiteCheck - FireFox Scanner

The add-on installation is simple and similar to any Firefox add-on. Go here to download and install it:

Note that our add-on has been preliminarily reviewed by Mozilla, but the final review should be accepted soon.

SiteCheck Chrome Extension

If you are a Chrome user, you can add Sitecheck to your browser and scan any web site directly from there.

SiteCheck Extension - Warn results

We released it a few weeks ago and have continuously pushed updates since.

Try it out here:

Sitecheck Cpanel

Finally, like any good blog, we want to leave you wanting more, so here is a little teaser. If you work with a hosting company and would like to add SiteCheck to your cPanel and allow your customers to scan their sites directly, you will be able to do so very soon. If you’d like to beta test this opportunity and get a commission for your trouble, get in touch with us by emailing us at

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