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DDoS Ransom: An Offer You Can Refuse

Cloudflare has covered DDoS ransom groups several times in the past. First, we reported on the copycat group claiming to be the Armada Collective and then not too long afterwards, we covered the “new” Lizard Squad. While in both cases the groups made threats that were ultimately empty, these types of security events can send More Info »

Website Application Firewalls (WAF) – Practical Approach to Website Security

In 2016, I shared some thoughts about firewalls in general; their history and purpose in the information security domain. The point of the article was to help website owners differentiate between the types of firewalls they might encounter. Today, I will shift my focus specifically to website application firewalls (WAF). WAFs are not new, but More Info »

Spotlight: WPBeginner’s Approach to WordPress Security

WPBeginner offers tutorials, tips, and tricks for WordPress beginners to improve their sites. With over 150K Twitter followers and almost 10 million monthly visitors, the website is undeniably popular. The high-quality content provided by WPBeginner helps WordPress users make better decisions and gain awareness of their options. Using research and thought leadership, WPBeginner offers guidance… More Info »

Large CCTV Botnet Leveraged in DDoS Attacks

Our security operations team investigate and mitigate multiple denial of service (DDoS) attacks every single day. One recent case caught our attention because of the intensity and duration of the attack, and – as we discovered through some research – how it was being done. In this article, we’ll share the specifics in an effort to track… More Info »

The Growing DDoS Threat to Website Owners

As website attacks continue to evolve, we see growing levels of sophistication in the way attackers are expanding the economics of their industry. The monetization potential of attacking websites continues to grow exponentially as more website come online (currently estimated to be over a billion live sites). With this evolution comes new tactics that we’ve… More Info »

Lizard Squad Ransom Threats: New Name, Same Faux Armada Collective M.O.

CloudFlare recently wrote about the group of cyber criminals claiming to be be the “Armada Collective.” In that article, we stressed that this group had not followed through on any of the ransom threats they had made. Quite simply, this copycat group of cyber criminals had not actually carried out a single DDoS attack—they were More Info »