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3-D Secure SMS-OTP Phishing

One of our remediation analysts Eli Trevino recently discovered a phishing page informing victims about fake Netflix service disruptions, supposedly due to problems with the victim’s payment method. The phishing page prompts victims to provide their payment details to prevent account lockout: What’s interesting about this phishing page is that it selectively targets victims within More Info »

Hacked Website Threat Report – 2019

The threat landscape for website owners is constantly shifting on a regular basis — and it’s becoming increasingly more complex. As attackers continue to develop tools and find new vulnerabilities to massively exploit, our team works diligently around the clock to identify, analyze, and protect website owners from compromise. Education is key to protecting yourself More Info »

Why Hackers Create Phishing Campaigns

Phishing is a malicious attempt to obtain personally identifiable information of a victim. The first thing to keep in mind about phishing is the goal of the attackers. In the first post of this series, we have explained how to recognize a phishing campaign. Today, we will focus on the objectives behind phishing attacks. Why More Info »

Website Security Tips for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Sucuri’s focus has always been on educating website owners about the latest threats and vulnerabilities — and much of that depends on our industry-leading research team. As the holiday season approaches, we asked our researchers what recommendations they had for ecommerce website owners to protect their customers, maintain compliance, and mitigate security risks. What do More Info »

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Ecommerce Security Threats

With the end of November comes the height of the holiday shopping season — specifically Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, which typically span the last calendar days of November into the first week of December. As consumer behavior changes and online transactions become favored over traditional retail-store purchases, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are More Info »

How to Recognize a Phishing Campaign

Phishing attacks and campaigns have always been a hot topic in online security. With many posts tagged as “phishing” on our blog — the first one being over nine years old now — we’ve seen our fair share of phishing attempts. In this post, we’ll cover the signs of a phishing attacks so you can More Info »

Fake SSO Used In Multi-Email Provider Phishing

Single sign-on (SSO) allows users to sign into a single account (e.g Google) and access other services like YouTube or Gmail without authenticating with a separate username and password. This feature also extends to third party services such as the popular Dropbox file sharing application, which offers users the option to access their account using More Info »