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Website Malware Targets Mobile Platforms

Navigating the web on a mobile device can be tricky even when you’re browsing clean sites. If hackers are involved, the frustration of a pop-up can turn into the dangerous possibility of harmful mobile malware. The increase in mobile internet browsing has prompted attackers to adapt their techniques, targeting mobile-specific platforms and distributing spam and More Info »

How Scammers Abuse Baidu Search Results

If you use Skype, recently you may have received Baidu link spam from some of your contacts. The links look like this: www.baidu[.]com/link?url=_QIcrpeV-oOPb6HGTgigvW00e0fiBQyFjSui12FrARO#emubahyt= When you click these links you end up on fake news sites with articles about a new miracle medicine that may help you lose weight or double your IQ. Here are the typical headlines More Info »

Malicious Redirect Injected in Magento One Page Checkout

With the holiday season around the corner, ecommerce sites are very valuable to website owners and equally attractive to attackers. Hackers have been targeting Magento installations in order to steal sensitive information like credit card data or PayPal logins, but in this case, promote websites for their monetary gain. Being PCI compliant is becoming increasingly More Info »

Website Spam Infection via Zip File Upload

Since the beginning of November we’ve been cleaning many sites infected with the same SEO spam malware. The malware creates doorways for hundreds of random trending keywords – from news to porn. For its templates, it uses mobile pages of some legitimate sites (probably taking into account the latest Google’s “mobile first” approach). Infection Details More Info »