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The Risks of Hiring a Bad SEO Company

Today we are not going to explore malware or any other overtly malicious traffic. Instead this post is a warning about dishonest marketing tactics used by services claiming to improve your website traffic or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We recently received a report from one our clients claiming that their website was experiencing a DistributedRead More Info »

Analyzing Proxy Based Spam Networks

We are no strangers to Blackhat SEO techniques, we’ve actually spent a great deal of time working and sharing various bits of information related to Blackhat SEO techniques over the years. What we haven’t shared, however, is the idea of Proxy-based Spam Networks (PSN). It’s not because it wasn’t interesting, it’s just not something we’d seenRead More Info »

RSS Reveals Malware Injections

There are multiple different ways to detect invisible malware on a website: You can scrutinize the HTML code of web pages. Use external scanners like SiteCheck or UnmaskParasites. Get alerts from anti-viruses or search engines (both in search results and via their Webmaster Tools). Try to open web pages with different User-Agents and check for More Info »

SEO and your website

*We get a lot of questions from our customers about CloudFlare and how we impact SEO. So when SEO.com signed up for CloudFlare, I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk to an expert to get the scoop on all things SEO. I was fortunate enough to connect with Derek Perkins, Vice President More Info »