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Seo-moz.com SEO Spam Campaign

Here at Sucuri we handle countless cases of SEO spam. This malware involves a website being compromised in order to spread (mostly pharmaceutical) advertisements by linking visitors to unwanted websites and stuffing spam keywords into the site. These links and keywords help the spam websites to rank higher in search engines like Google, sending evenRead More Info »

Analyzing a Facebook Clickbait Worm

Here at Sucuri we suspect everything, especially when your friends start to share content written in another language with clickbait headlines. If you are not familiar with the term, clickbait is when web content is created in a way that psychologically exploits the reader’s curiosity using compelling headlines. When someone clicks on the article toRead More Info »

How Social Media Blacklisting Happens

In today’s world, we are all browsing websites online and sharing content on a multitude of social media platforms every day. Worldwide social media users exceeded 2 billion back in August 2014, with an adoption rate unlike anything we have seen in history. Social media continues to grow around the world, with active user accountsRead More Info »

Heuristics and Rules: Why We Built a New Old WAF

We just rolled out an update to CloudFlare’s Web Application Firewall (WAF). Previously, CloudFlare’s WAF has received criticism from people who have tested it and found that it didn’t behave as traditional WAFs are expected to. That contrasted with the real world experience of users who saw our WAF virtually eliminate actual web threats. Seemingly More Info »