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Website Application Firewalls (WAF) – Practical Approach to Website Security

In 2016, I shared some thoughts about firewalls in general; their history and purpose in the information security domain. The point of the article was to help website owners differentiate between the types of firewalls they might encounter. Today, I will shift my focus specifically to website application firewalls (WAF). WAFs are not new, but More Info »

IPv4 vs IPv6 Performance Comparison – Part 2

A few months ago, we posted an article about the difference between IPv4 and IPv6. Our research team has expanded on those findings with additional performance tests, more domains, and more locations. In addition to assessing the speed and performance, the analysis we are presenting today leverages statistical hypothesis tests to clearly identify winners and More Info »

IPv4 vs IPv6 Performance Comparison

IPv6 usage has been growing very slowly through the last 10 to 15 years. Since mid-2015 it started to pick up and increase adoption at a rapid pace. Google, for example, has been tracking their IPv6 usage since 2009 and it is beautiful to finally see some growth. As the number of available IPv4 addresses… More Info »