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Realstatistics Malware Campaign Leads To Ransomware

Our Incident Response Team (IRT) has been tracking a mass infection campaign over the last 2 weeks ( codenamed “Realstatistics”). This campaign has compromised thousands of websites built on the Joomla! and WordPress Content Management System (CMS). We have codenamed the campaign “Realstatistics” because of the domain being used by the attackers. The following fake analytics code was… More Info »

Website Ransomware – CTB-Locker Goes Blockchain

During the last couple of years, website ransomware has become one of the most actively developing types of malware. After infamous fake anti-viruses, this it the second most prominent wave of malware that makes money by directly selling “malware removal” services to users of infected computers. But unlike fake anti-viruses, that were mostly harmless, and used as aRead More Info »

Website Malware – Evolution of Pseudo Darkleech

Last March we described a WordPress attack that was responsible for hidden iframe injections that resembled Darkleech injections: declarations of styles with random names and coordinates, iframes with No-IP host names, and random dimensions where the random parts changed on every page load. Back then, we identified that it was not a server-level infection. TheRead More Info »

vBulletin Exploits in the Wild

The vBulletin team patched a serious object injection vulnerability yesterday, that can lead to full command execution on any site running on an out-of-date vBulletin version. The patch supports the latest versions, from 5.1.4 to 5.1.9. The vulnerability is serious and easy to exploit; it was used to hack and deface the main vBulletin.com website. As aRead More Info »

WordPress Malware – VisitorTracker Campaign Update

For the last 3 weeks we have been tracking a malware campaign that has been compromising thousands of WordPress sites with the VisitorTracker malware code. We initially posted some details about this issue on this blog post: WordPress Malware – Active VisitorTracker Campaign, but as the campaign and the malicious code has evolved, we decided provideRead More Info »

.htaccess Tricks in Global.asa Files

As you might know a lot of hacks use Apache configuration .htaccess files to override default web site behavior: add conditional redirects, create virtual paths (e.g mod_rewrite), auto-append code to PHP scripts, etc. In the world of IIS/ASP there is also an equivalent — Global.asa files. This file contains common declarations for all ASP scripts andRead More Info »