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Cryptominers: Binary-Process-Cron Variants and Methods of Removal

This post provides a brief overview of how to manually remove server-side cryptominers and other types of Binary-Process-Cron malware from a server. Unlike browser-based JavaScript cryptominers that have been injected into a web page, a binary server-level cryptominer abuses server resources without affecting the computers or mobile devices of site visitors. We will cover the More Info »

RawGit CDN is Abused by CryptoLoot Cryptominers

Recently, we came across another way to use files from GitHub repositories in malware infections. This time the infections weren’t via GitHub.io, raw.githubusercontent.com, or github.com///raw/ URLs. The new trick involved a third-party service called RawGit that provides a CDN for GitHub files. This is the script that we found injected into .js and theme files More Info »

Switching to HTTPS Before It’s Too Late

Google, Mozilla, and other web authorities are pushing for website owners to adopt HTTPS. Soon, Google Chrome will start flagging sites by displaying a warning that the site is “Not secure“. Chrome 68 is already in Beta. Before long, everyone will be able to update their browsers to Chrome 68 and see “Not Secure” warnings on More Info »