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5 Year Anniversary of the SoakSoak Malware Tsunami

This is a story about the SoakSoak malware campaign that proved that you can’t underestimate impact of security issues in popular premium software. These days, the majority of popular content management systems are 100% free: WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Moreover, most CMS extensions are also free. In fact, modern webmasters can build any type More Info »

How Websites Are Used to Spread Emotet Malware

In past posts, we’ve discussed the more popular reasons why hackers target smaller websites. Today, we’ll focus instead on how hackers use compromised websites to spread dangerous malware like Emotet to end user victims. Emotet Threat First off, what is Emotet and how would a hacker benefit from using a compromised website to distribute it? More Info »

Unmasking Black Hat SEO for Dating Scams

Malware obfuscation comes in all shapes and sizes — and it’s sometimes hard to recognize the difference between malicious and legitimate code when you see it. Recently, we came across an interesting case where attackers went a few extra miles to make it more difficult to notice the site infection. Mysterious wp-config.php Inclusion During the More Info »

Why Hackers Create Phishing Campaigns

Phishing is a malicious attempt to obtain personally identifiable information of a victim. The first thing to keep in mind about phishing is the goal of the attackers. In the first post of this series, we have explained how to recognize a phishing campaign. Today, we will focus on the objectives behind phishing attacks. Why More Info »

Personal Online Privacy – Data & Browser Privacy

Continuing a series on how to strengthen your personal online privacy, we are taking personal inventory of how we connect online. These were themes covered during our webinar on “Security Beyond Your Website: Personal Online Privacy” and during a Twitter conversation (through the #Digiblogchat weekly forum). The first post in this series answers the question: More Info »

5 Website Vulnerability Scanning Tools

Even the most diligent site owners should consider when they had their last website security check. As our own research indicates, infections of the most popular content management systems (CMS) are on the rise. In fact, last year WordPress infections jumped 8%, compared with 2017. That’s why it’s so important to regularly use a website More Info »

Website Security Tips for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Sucuri’s focus has always been on educating website owners about the latest threats and vulnerabilities — and much of that depends on our industry-leading research team. As the holiday season approaches, we asked our researchers what recommendations they had for ecommerce website owners to protect their customers, maintain compliance, and mitigate security risks. What do More Info »