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Pirated WordPress Plugins Bundled with Backdoors

One widespread belief among webmasters is that attackers typically only compromise websites in a couple of ways: by exploiting vulnerabilities or stealing login credentials. Although these are certainly two of the more common attack vectors, another method is often overlooked — but the result is just as hazardous. Whenever an attacker can successfully trick a More Info »

WordPress Malware Collects Sensitive WooCommerce Data

During a recent investigation, our team found malicious code that reveals how attackers are performing reconnaissance to identify if sites are actively using WooCommerce in a compromised hosting environment. These compromised websites are victims of the ongoing wave of exploits against vulnerable WordPress plugins. Why are WooCommerce websites being targeted? WooCommerce is a powerful WordPress More Info »

Obfuscated WordPress Malware Dropper

It goes without saying that evasive maneuvering is at the top of a hacker’s priority list. Most often, they try to evade detection by obfuscating their malicious code to make it unreadable to the naked eye. In our recent post we demonstrated how the PHP function file_put_contents is used to inject malicious data into a More Info »

OneTone Vulnerability Leads to JavaScript Cookie Hijacking

A vulnerability in the discontinued WordPress theme OneTone has been added to an ongoing campaign that is targeting vulnerable WordPress websites and causes malicious redirects through domains like ischeck[.]xyz. This specific wave uses the XSS vulnerability to inject malicious JavaScript and redirect visitors to the attacker’s landing page. The malware also detects and leverages existing More Info »

Analysis of a WordPress Credit Card Swiper

While working on a recent case, I found something on a WordPress website that is not as common as on Magento environments: A credit card swiper injection. Typically this type of malware targets dedicated ecommerce platforms such as Magento and Prestashop (due to their focus in handling payment information, which we have documented extensively in More Info »

Throwback Threat Thursday: WordPress 4.7 WP-JSON Content Injection Vulnerability

Throwback Threat Thursday is a series of posts where we recall older vulnerabilities that have since been patched by their developers. In the past, these vulnerabilities caused significant impacts to the security of website owners. Some vulnerable sites may still be found in the wild. Back in early 2017, our research team was looking into More Info »

7 Tips for Protecting Your Website

For many people, website security is an intimidating topic. It seems like there’s an endless list of things necessary for protecting your website. And while resources like our Website Security Guide cut through much of the clutter of the threat landscape, some folks might need it simplified even further. Okay, we hear ya. If you’re More Info »