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Critical Vulnerability in File Manager Plugin Affecting 700k WordPress Websites

Yesterday, the WordPress plugin File Manager was updated, fixing a critical vulnerability allowing any website visitor to gain complete access to the website. Users of our WAF were never vulnerable to this exploit. The Sucuri firewall blocks malicious payloads by default using our generic exploitation rules. Technical Details The vulnerability originated from the remains of More Info »

Vulnerabilities Digest: July 2020

Relevant Plugins and Vulnerabilities: Plugin Vulnerability Patched Version Installs Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Authenticated XSS 80000 Quiz And Survey Master Authenticated Stored XSS 7.0.0 30000 Comments – wpDiscuz 7.0.0 – Arbitrary File Upload 7.0.5 70000 Real Estate 7 Reflected XSS 3.0.4 8000 CarePlus Reflected XSS — 5000 WooCommerce Subscriptions Unauthenticated Stored XSS 2.6.3 10000 More Info »

Fake WordPress Plugin SiteSpeed Serves Malicious Ads & Backdoors

Fake WordPress plugins appear to be trending as an effective way of establishing a foothold on compromised websites. During a recent investigation, we discovered a fake component which was masquerading as a legitimate plugin. Named SiteSpeed, it contained a lot of interesting malicious capabilities. Unwanted Advertisements The malicious plugin can be used by the attacker More Info »

Pirated WordPress Plugins Bundled with Backdoors

One widespread belief among webmasters is that attackers typically only compromise websites in a couple of ways: by exploiting vulnerabilities or stealing login credentials. Although these are certainly two of the more common attack vectors, another method is often overlooked — but the result is just as hazardous. Whenever an attacker can successfully trick a More Info »

WordPress Malware Collects Sensitive WooCommerce Data

During a recent investigation, our team found malicious code that reveals how attackers are performing reconnaissance to identify if sites are actively using WooCommerce in a compromised hosting environment. These compromised websites are victims of the ongoing wave of exploits against vulnerable WordPress plugins. Why are WooCommerce websites being targeted? WooCommerce is a powerful WordPress More Info »