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  • Why Do Hackers Hack? – 3 Reasons Explained

    When considering why hackers are attacking websites, you might think that there’s a specific reason they target you as a website owner—your business, your reputation, or your information. But the truth is, hacks don’t often singled out someone. Most of the time, hackers spot a website vulnerability. This is what determines why certain websites are More Info »

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  • Stored XSS in MyBB

    The open source PHP forum software myBB recently published a new update, version 1.8.21. This is a security release fixing a Stored XSS vulnerability in the private messaging and post modules. What Are the Risks? Unpatched websites could allow bad actors to send booby-trapped posts or private messages to users. These would execute rogue JavaScript More Info »

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  • FTP Logs Used to Determine Attack Vector

    Logs can be very useful because they are a record of what was done by whom. They are especially useful when you need to find out more on how a website has been compromised. Since our job at Sucuri is to clean website malware, we don’t have any access to logs, or what we can More Info »

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