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  • PHP Binary Downloader

    When possible, an attacker will want to avoid using specific functions in their PHP code that they know are more likely to be flagged by a scanner. Some examples of suspicious functions commonly detected include system and file_put_contents. In this malware dropper file we recently found on a compromised website, the attacker chose to create More Info »

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  • PHP Backdoor Obfuscated One Liner

    In the past, I have explained how small one line PHP backdoors use obfuscation and strings of code in HTTP requests to pass attacker’s commands to backdoors. Today, I’ll highlight another similar injection example and describe some of the malicious behavior we’ve seen recently on compromised websites. Obfuscated PHP Backdoor Discovered by our Remediation team, More Info »

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  • Sucuri Sit-Down Episode 3: Phishing Attacks with Luke Leal

    Phishing attacks are one of the most popular methods for bad actors to gain access to a website environment. On this month’s podcast, analyst Luke Leal is with us to talk about these attacks. Topics covered include the motivation bad actors have for these attacks, who is a likely target, and preventative measures. Plus, host More Info »

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