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  • Unmasking Black Hat SEO for Dating Scams

    Malware obfuscation comes in all shapes and sizes β€” and it’s sometimes hard to recognize the difference between malicious and legitimate code when you see it. Recently, we came across an interesting case where attackers went a few extra miles to make it more difficult to notice the site infection. Mysterious wp-config.php Inclusion During the More Info »

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  • Product Update: Sucuri Firewall in Sophia

    Sucuri provides security for websites with the protection of our Web Application Firewall (WAF). We also have our proprietary Anycast content delivery network (CDN) that adds the performance benefits of a CDN to all our WAF users. We been adding data centers in key regions of the world: San Jose – US Dallas – US More Info »

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  • Why Hackers Create Phishing Campaigns

    Phishing is a malicious attempt to obtain personally identifiable information of a victim. The first thing to keep in mind about phishing is the goal of the attackers. In the first post of this series, we have explained how to recognize a phishing campaign. Today, we will focus on the objectives behind phishing attacks. Why More Info »

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