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  • Understanding & Stopping Malicious Redirects

    Many website owners don’t know they’re infected with malicious redirects until they start getting calls from wary customers. Instead of the site they were expecting, it loaded some pretty shady content from the nether reaches of the internet. Malicious redirects are caused by hackers injecting scripts into infected sites that send visitors to destinations where More Info »

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  • Steam Phishing Campaign Uses CS:GO Skin Gambling Lure

    Attackers regularly target online gaming accounts as they can quickly sell any transferable items along with account logins to a third party. This scenario has cropped up for years now, and has affected a growing number of popular online games ranging from Runescape to Fortnite. These games run on their own clients — so stealing More Info »

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  • What is FTP? Why use it to clean hacked websites?

    The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a network protocol used to transfer files between a client server and a network. In other words, it is through FTP that we get text and images onto a website. Why is FTP used to clean up a website? Not only is FTP used to insert files into a More Info »

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