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  • What Hackers Do After Gaining Access to a Website

    A hack or cyber attack is the act of maliciously entering, taking control over, or manipulating by force a web application, server, or file that belongs to someone else. Cyber attacks will: modify files, retrieve information, insert commands or scripts, change the way your website and Google Search Results look to visitors. What Do Hackers More Info »

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  • How to Create a Website Maintenance Plan & Contract

    In my years of experience working alongside agencies, I’ve realized that managed providers and other web pros who offer website maintenance to their clients, have a hard time convincing them on the value of managed services. It’s a common mindset. Much like the homeowner who is unwilling to invest in a rock solid insurance policy More Info »

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  • Trolldesh Ransomware Dropper

    Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen an increase in Troldesh ransomware using compromised websites as intermediary malware distributors. The malware often uses a PHP file that acts as a delivery tool for downloading the host malware dropper: hxxp://doolaekhun[.]com/cgi-bin/[redacted].php This type of infected URL is usually spread through malicious emails or through services like social More Info »

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