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  • Add Security to Your Website Agency Portfolio

    As a website industry professional, you are aware of the importance of website security. This is especially true when managing 10 or more sites. How can you convey this message to your customers? Offering Website Security to Clients Website security should be part of any web professional’s portfolio. How can you get started talking with More Info »

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  • Googlebot or a DDoS Attack?

    A bot is a software application that uses automation to run scripts on the internet. Also called crawlers or spiders, these guys take on the simple yet repetitive tasks we do. There are legitimate bots and malicious ones. A Web Application Firewall (WAF) filters the web traffic and blocks any malicious bots, letting the good More Info »

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  • The Anatomy of Website Malware: An Introduction

    We see a lot of files infected by website malware on a daily basis here at Sucuri Labs. What we don’t see is very many categories of infections. The purpose of this blog post series is to provide an overview of the most common infection categories and types of website malware. Are you interested in More Info »

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