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  • VPN: A Key to Securing an Online Work Environment

    The current COVID-19 epidemic is changing the way people work, rapidly moving to working remotely as I have done for 20 years. I am providing this advice for smaller businesses that should leverage virtual private networks (VPNs)  to enhance your security. This by no means should be all you rely on, but could be a More Info »

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  • Assemble the Cookies

    When we investigate compromised websites, it’s not unusual to find malicious files that have been obfuscated through forms of encoding or encryption — however, these are not the only methods that attackers use to obfuscate code. Obfuscation via Predefined PHP Variables Here’s an example of obfuscation that doesn’t use encoding or encryption in any way: More Info »

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  • Free Sucuri WAF for Medical & Social Services

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, there is concern about health systems worldwide. Many people in isolation or self-quarantine are looking for accurate medical information online on a daily basis. As a result, it is crucial that public health and social service websites remain available. We want to prevent malicious users from abusing these types of websites. More Info »

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