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  • Malicious Android Application Used in Phishing Scam

    While we deal with a lot of phishing cases, we rarely see mobile applications used as part of a phishing campaign—these apps add a layer of complexity to the process which deters some bad actors from incorporating into their attack. To launch a successful phish with a mobile application, bad actors first need to figure More Info »

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  • Why Reinfections Happen with a WAF

    A web application firewall (WAF) is a great way to detect and filter incoming malicious requests before they can exploit website vulnerabilities and security flaws. While a WAF helps protect against threats over HTTP/HTTPS, the website can still be hacked from the inside. Cross-site Contamination One common way that websites get reinfected is through cross-site More Info »

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  • Vulnerable Versions of Adminer as a Universal Infection Vector

    This past week, we’ve been monitoring a new wave of website infections mostly impacting WordPress and Magento websites. We found that hackers have been injecting scripts from scripts.trasnaltemyrecords[.]com into multiple files and database tables. This is still the same ongoing campaign that we’ve been following for the past few years, where site visitors are redirected More Info »

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