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  • Credentials Stealer on Prestashop

    In a matter of hours, a big e-commerce website can have hundreds of credit card numbers stolen and used by attackers on other websites around the world. We commonly see ecommerce websites infected with credit card (CC) stealers during our cleanup routine. We’ve been writing more and more notes about these kinds of attacks lately: More Info »

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  • Accounting for Defense in Depth in Website Security

    In the field of Information Security (InfoSec) we like to use the phrase defense in depth. Like many things, it is a borrowed term with roots dating back millennia (216 B.C. – the second Punic war). It’s a term that refers to tactics employed by militaries around the world in which they would deploy layers… More Info »

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  • Magento Credit Card Swiper Exports to Image

    Over the past year we have seen a rash of credit card swipers in Magento and other ecommerce-based websites. In fact, we have been finding new variants nearly every week. It is no surprise that ecommerce sites are lucrative for attackers. Although attackers have many ways of making money by hacking websites (such as with… More Info »

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