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  • Malware Serving SEO Spam from External Sites

    We handle an enormous number of SEO spam infections here at Sucuri. In Q3 of 2016, approximately 37% of all website infection cases were related to SEO spam campaigns through PHP, database injections or .htaccess redirects. An SEO spam infection can be devastating to a website’s credibility and reputation. Many website owners recognize and appreciate More Info »

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  • A Celebration of Learning at Grace Hopper

    Photo by Cloudflare Staff Over the course of my career, I’ve been to many conferences, interacted with thousands of candidates, and attended countless keynotes, roundtables, and sessions. I can say without a doubt, that the Grace Hopper Celebration, stood out from the rest. And I think my team would agree. During the three day event, More Info »

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  • Mayhem Malware Server Botnet Continues to Evolve

    Three years ago, researchers at Yandex discovered a complex server infection, dubbed Mayhem, that embeds itself deep within a system by compiling a shared object and running as a service. This also allows the malware to operate under restricted privileges, and is difficult to clean up effectively – even if an infected site gets restored More Info »

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