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  • Using a VeraCrypt File Container to Encrypt Local Website Files

    If you are doing website development and have a local repository, or store website backups on your computer, you should strongly consider encrypting these sensitive files. In the event that your computer is compromised, the encrypted container prevents an attacker from gaining access to your website (via database configuration files) and other private data. This More Info »

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  • Malicious Backdoors: Fake Images and Strrev Functions

    When a website is compromised, attackers frequently leave behind a backdoor – according to our research around 70% of all website hacks include a backdoor. These backdoors are not designed to attack a website or destroy data, instead they allow an attacker to re-enter a targeted website with little to no authentication, providing them with More Info »

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  • If I Knew Then What I Know Now: Tales from the Early Internet

    Paul Mockapetris, Inventor, DNS, and David Conrad, CTO, ICANN Moderator: Matthew Prince, Co-Founder & CEO, Cloudflare Photo by Cloudflare Staff MP: You guys wrote all this stuff; why is the internet so broken? PM: People complain about security flaws, but there is no security in original design of dns. I think of it that we More Info »

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