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  • Hiding Malware Inside Images on GoogleUserContent

    If you have been following our blog for a long time, you might remember us writing about malware that used EXIF data to hide its code. This technique is still in use. Let us show you a recent example. Contaminated Pac-Man This code was found at the beginning of a malicious script that steals PayPal More Info »

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  • Persistent Malicious Redirect Variants

    It’s always nice to meet an old friend or someone you used to know well. You have news to share and talk about, stories to tell, etc. But what if your “old friend” was on the criminal side of things and you are meeting him more often than you actually like? Moreover, when you see More Info »

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  • Ask Sucuri: How Do You Find Website Backdoors?

    In a previous post, we have explained what website backdoors are and what they look like. Today, we want to focus on ways that we identify and remove backdoors to prevent reinfection. Techniques to Find Backdoors Finding a website backdoor is not an easy task because the main function of a backdoor is to keep More Info »

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