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  • Spotlight: Security for List25, a Popular Entertainment Website

    For a website initially created to be just an experiment, it’s a pretty big deal to hit two major milestones, though it didn’t happen overnight.  List25 features daily posts compiled with lesser-known intriguing information ranging from the bizarre to subjects like politics, travel, history, science, and more. It now has over 2 million subscribers on More Info »

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  • Unwanted “Shorte St” Ads in Unpatched Newspaper Theme

    Unwanted ads are one of the most common problems that site owners ask us to solve. Recently, we’ve noticed quite a few requests to remove intrusive “shorte st” ads that they never installed on their sites themselves. My colleague Denis Sinegubko of UnmaskParasites helped to investigate this case. Shorte[.]st is a service that hijacks links, More Info »

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  • When Your Plugins Turn Against You

    Every day we face countless cases of sites getting compromised and infected by an attacker. From there, the sites can be used for various operations like spam campaigns, malware spreading or simply to damage your SEO ranking among other events. The threat may not always come from outside though. There are occasions where we are More Info »

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