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  • How we brought HTTPS Everywhere to the cloud (part 1)

    CloudFlare’s mission is to make HTTPS accessible for all our customers. It provides security for their websites, improved ranking on search engines, better performance with HTTP/2, and access to browser features such as geolocation that are being deprecated for plaintext HTTP. With Universal SSL or similar features, a simple button click can now enable encryption More Info »

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  • What is the Status of IPv6 Adoption?

    The internet is a complex ecosystem of interconnected devices, and at its core is the Internet Protocol (IP). This protocol is currently in its second major incarnation (IPv6) but many are only familiar with IPv4. Even with the new IP version (IPv6) available for years, most traffic is still routed over IPv4. Why is this,… More Info »

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  • An overview of TLS 1.3 and Q&A

    The CloudFlare London office hosts weekly internal Tech Talks (with free lunch picked by the speaker). My recent one was an explanation of the latest version of TLS, 1.3, how it works and why it’s faster and safer. You can watch the complete talk below or just read my summarized transcript. The Q&A session is More Info »

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