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  • E-Commerce Security – Planning for Disasters

    This is the last post in our series on E-commerce Security: Intro to Securing an Online Store – Part 1 Intro to Securing an Online Store – Part 2 Today, let’s expand on some of the suggestions made during a webinar I hosted recently about steps you can take to secure your online store. So far More Info »

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  • Backdoor Uses Paste Site to Host Payload

    Finding backdoors is one of the biggest challenges of a website security analyst, as backdoors are designed to be hidden in case the malware is found and removed. Website Backdoors A backdoor is a piece of malware that attackers leave behind to allow them access back into a website. Hackers like to inject code into different locations to More Info »

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  • Outdated Duplicator Plugin RCE Abused

    We’re seeing an increase in the number of cases where attackers are disabling WordPress sites by removing or rewriting its wp-config.php file. These cases are all linked to the same vulnerable software: WordPress Duplicator Plugin. Versions lower than 1.2.42 of Snap Creek Duplicator plugin are vulnerable to a Remote Code Execution attack, where the malicious visitor is More Info »

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