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  • The Strange Case of the Malicious Favicon

    During the past year, our Remediation department has seen a large increase in the number of fully spammed sites. The common factors are strangely named and unusually located favicon.ico files, along with the creation of “bak.bak” index files peppered around the website. In the majority of the cases, the pattern is similar regardless of the More Info »

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  • Stolen Payment Data: Infected Ecommerce Website to Darknet Markets

    The final actor of the stolen payment data supply chain is the end user. Rather than just selling or reselling payment data, the end user plans on fraudulently monetizing it. This malicious end user typically buys payment data in limited quantities, since: The price per stolen data greatly increases from when it was originally sold More Info »

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  • The Cost of a Hacked Website – Survey

    As part of our commitment to the website security community, we want to know the true impacts of a website compromise from the owner’s perspective. If you are a business that has dealt with any type of website attack, your participation in this six-minute survey will help us improve our services and support website owners More Info »

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