Cloudflare Wants to Buy Your Meetup Group Pizza

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Cloudflare Wants to Buy Your Meetup Group Pizza<p>Cloudflare Wants to Buy Your Meetup Group Pizza</p>

If you’re a web dev / devops / etc. meetup group that also works toward building a faster, safer Internet, I want to support your awesome group by buying you pizza. If your group’s focus falls within one of the subject categories below and you’re willing to give us a 30 second shout out and tweet a photo of your group and @Cloudflare, your meetup’s pizza expense will be reimbursed.

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Developer Relations at Cloudflare & why we’re doing this

I’m Andrew Fitch and I work on the Developer Relations team at Cloudflare. One of the things I like most about working in DevRel is empowering community members who are already doing great things out in the world. Whether they’re starting conferences, hosting local meetups, or writing educational content, I think it’s important to support them in their efforts and reward them for doing what they do. Community organizers are the glue that holds developers together socially. Let’s support them and make their lives easier by taking care of the pizza part of the equation.

Cloudflare Wants to Buy Your Meetup Group Pizza

What’s in it for Cloudflare?

  1. We want web developers to target the apps platform
  2. We want more people to think about working at Cloudflare
  3. Some people only know of Cloudflare as a CDN, but it’s actually a security company and does much more than that. General awareness helps tell the story of what Cloudflare is about.

What kinds of groups we most want to support

We want to work with groups that are closely aligned with Cloudflare, groups which focus on web development, web security, devops, or tech ops. We often work with language-specific meetups (such as Go London User Group) or diversity & inclusion meetups (such as Women Who Code Portland). We’d also love to work with college student groups and any other coding groups which are focused on sharing technical knowledge with the community.

To get sponsored pizza, groups must be focused on...

  • Web performance & optimization

  • Front-end frameworks

  • Language-specific (JavaScript / PHP / Go / Lua / etc.)

  • Diversity & inclusion meetups for web devs / devops / tech ops

  • Workshops / classes for web devs / devops / tech ops

How it works

  1. Interested groups need to read our Cloudflare Meetup Group Pizza Reimbursement Rules document.

  2. If the group falls within the requirements, the group should proceed to schedule their meetup and pull the Cloudflare Introductory Slides ahead of time.

  3. At the event, an organizer should present the Cloudflare Introductory Slides at the beginning, giving us a 30 second shout out, and take a photo of the group in front of the slides. Someone from the group should Tweet the photo and @Cloudflare, so our Community Manager may retweet.

  4. After the event, an organizer will need to fill out our reimbursement form where they will upload a completed W-9, their mailing address, group details, and the link to the Tweet.

  5. Within a month, the organizer should have a check from Cloudflare (and some laptop stickers for their group, if they want) in their hands.

Here are some examples of groups we’ve worked with so far

Go London User Group (GLUG)

Cloudflare Wants to Buy Your Meetup Group Pizza

The Go London User Group is a London-based community for anyone interested in the Go programming language.

GLUG provides offline opportunities to:

  • Discuss Go and related topics
  • Socialize with friendly people who are interested in Go
  • Find or fill Go-related jobs

They want GLUG to be a diverse and inclusive community. As such all attendees, organizers and sponsors are required to follow the community code of conduct.

This group’s mission is very much in alignment with Cloudflare’s guidelines, so we sponsored the pizza for their October Gophers event.

Women Who Code Portland

Cloudflare Wants to Buy Your Meetup Group Pizza

Women Who Code’s mission statement

Women Who Code is a global nonprofit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers by creating a global, connected community of women in technology.

What they offer

  • Monthly Networking Nights
  • Study Nights (JavaScript, React, DevOps, Design + Product, Algorithms)
  • Technical Workshops
  • Community Events (Hidden Figures screening, Women Who Strength Train, Happy Hours, etc.)
  • Free or discounted tickets to conferences

Women Who Code are a great example of an inclusive technical group. Cloudflare reimbursed them for their pizza at their October JavaScript Study Night.

GDG Phoenix / PHX Android

Cloudflare Wants to Buy Your Meetup Group Pizza

GDG Phoenix / PHX Android group is for anyone interested in Android design and development. All skill levels are welcome. Participants are welcome to the meet up to hang out and watch or be part of the conversation at events.

This group is associated with the Google Developer Group program and coordinate activities with the national organization. Group activities are not exclusively Android related, however, they can cover any technology.

Cloudflare sponsored their October event “How espresso works . . . Android talk with Michael Bailey”.

I hope a lot of awesome groups around the world will take advantage of our offer. Enjoy the pizza!

Cloudflare Wants to Buy Your Meetup Group Pizza

Get Your Pizza $ Reimbursed »

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