Not Just Pills or Payday Loans, It’s Essay SEO SPAM!

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Remember back in school or college when you had to write pages and pages of long essays, but had no time to write them? Or maybe you were just too lazy? Yeah, good times. Well, it seems like some companies are trying to end this problem. They are offering services where clients pay them to write these essays for you.


The problem is that this is not only wrong, but it’s also becoming a competitive market where some companies are leveraging SEO SPAM to gain better rankings on search engines (i.e., Google, Bing). They are also using popular sites like and to add their spam links.

Here are a couple example URL’s from sites that got hit (URL’s are still showing SPAM):

  • httx://
  • httx://

If you think you have seen all kinds of SEO spam, think again. We just found a new one: the Essay SEO spam.

How Did We Find It?

Easy, Our free malware scanner SiteCheck was flagging a website as infected.

This was the payload:


At first, it appeared to be a false positive, but then I realized that this was an engineering website, and this “paper writing services” content couldn’t possibly have anything to do with it.

After checking out some of the flagged links I got to this “final” website: httx:// We are not implying they are behind the attacks, but it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to think that they likely hired an SEO company and that company could be using BlackHat techniques.

Who knows…

Where Was This Infection?

What got my attention was this tag "

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