How to ensure your server’s software stays secure?

1 minute read

At CloudFlare, security is on the top of our minds. We are always looking for ways to better secure the data we are entrusted with and improve the security of our customers' websites. With this in mind, Nick Sullivan, one of our system engineers, will hold a security-themed webcast this Thursday. Some of you may remember that Nick has blogged extensively about web encryption, cryptography and DDoS prevention. Also, he recently spoke about server software protection at the RSA Conference, one of the largest security conferences in the world.

During Thursday's webcast, Nick will discuss ways that ensure your server's software stays secure. In today's world, you may not know if the hardware you are running software on is secure or not. So, how can you ensure that, regardless of the hardware security, the software stays protected? Nick will discuss advanced techniques on how to protect your server software. These techniques include anti-reverse engineering methods, secure key management and designing a system for renewal.

To learn more about various ways to secure your server's software, join us at the upcoming webcast on Thursday, March 20th, 2014 at 11AM PDT (2PM EDT). If you have questions you want Nick to address, leave them in the comments below. Register here.



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