Introducing the new Cloudflare Community Forum

2 minute read

Cloudflare’s community of users is vast. With more than 6 million domains registered, our users come in all shapes and sizes and are located all over the world. They can also frequently be found hanging out all around the web, from social media platforms, to Q&A sites, to any number of personal interest forums. Cloudflare users have questions to ask and an awful lot of expertise to share.

It’s with that in mind that we wanted to give Cloudflare users a more centralized location to gather, and to discuss all things Cloudflare. So we have launched a new Cloudflare Community at

Who is this community for?

It's for anyone and everyone who uses Cloudflare. Whether you are adding your first domain and don’t know what a name server is, or you are managing 1,000s of domains via API, or you are somewhere in between. In the Cloudflare Community you will be able to find tips, tricks, troubleshooting guidance, and recommendations.

We also think this will be a great way to get feedback from users on what’s working for them, what isn’t, and ways that we can make Cloudflare better. There will even be opportunities to participate in early access programs for new and evolving features.

How do I access it?

Anyone can visit and look around, soaking in all the information and expertise available, but in order to post questions or comments you must have a Cloudflare account. We wanted to keep this forum focused on using and improving Cloudflare, and not about questions from people who visit sites that use Cloudflare services. When users visit the forum and try to sign-in for the first time they will go through the usual Cloudflare login process, but there will be an added step for email verification. Once that is done users are good to go.

How to use the forum

We’ve started off with some broad categories like Performance, Security, Product Feedback, etc., and created some tags to cover some of the more specific products and topics. In time, we could expand to more dedicated categories around things like SSL or WAF, but we didn’t want to separate things off too much up front. There is also a Meta category where members can direct questions or suggestions about the Community. So, just put your topic in the area that you think is best, throw on a tag or two if necessary, and we’ll all figure this out together. But don’t forget to search and see if someone’s already discussing it.

We aren’t degrading our presence on social media or other popular discussion sites. But we are hopeful that having a centralized location will make it even easier for people who want to get together and discuss their Cloudflare experiences to find the conversations they are looking for. So be sure to visit and say hello!



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