The Procrastinator’s Guide to Filing Taxes With Evernote

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This article seems like a timely one to share and commiserate with folks today. If you’re ok with digitizing your life - some folks are and others certainly aren’t - the tips described below could be a huge help for you. Best of luck!

Evernote Blogcast The Procrastinator’s Guide to Filing Taxes With Evernote

Nobody likes doing taxes.

If you’re watching the clock and fearing the quickly-approaching 2015 tax day deadline, Evernote can provide some last-minute solutions.

For those who have filed, keep in mind that the more you save into Evernote now, the easier it will be next year.

With a mixture of complex formulas and worksheets, submitting taxes requires a tedious dedication in order to file taxes correctly and on time.

Here are five ways Evernote can immediately make an impact in your quest to file your 2015 taxes:

1. Save. Take photos of receipts and expenses and save them into Evernote for future reference. Simply snapping a photo of a paper receipt on the go is a quick way to potentially save tax dollars later. The best defense is a good offense. Capture useful photos that show your home office space or car odometer so you can justify business expenses.

2. Scan. Evernote offers the fastest way for you to quickly capture and scan documents so you can move to the next tax task.

Scannable is our standalone app and the fastest mobile scanner for iOS. Scan business cards, receipts, and documents and everything is ready to export to PDF or JPG.

Evernote’s Scannable-inspired camera experience in the latest Evernote for iOS (update 7.7) automatically detects and captures the tax paper that matters: business cards, documents, Post-it ® Notes, and receipts.

ScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner seamlessly transfers paper statements, receipts, investment forms, medical expenses, W-2s, pay stubs, and tax documentation directly into Evernote.

3. Tag. Tag it now, find it later. Add tags to notes with helpful phrases like “2015 Taxes” or “Business Expenses” so you can quickly discover content when you need it most.

4. Clip. Quickly save screenshots and web-based content with Web Clipper. With a single click, you can save tax tables, charts and other content to reference as you prepare your filing.

5. Discuss and share. With Work Chat, you can share all of your pertinent tax documents with your accountant, significant other, or tax handler.

Are you using Evernote to file your taxes? Help the Evernote community by sharing your story and tips in the discussion.

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