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App: GamaSec Web Application Security and Vulnerability

We enjoy working with companies who share a focus on website security. When GamaSec, an online web vulnerability-assessment service, inquired about ways to integrate, we were excited to make their scanning service available as a CloudFlare app, where any CloudFlare customer can easily turn on GamaSec.

GamaSec's cloud-based security scan serves as an early-warning system of defense for web operation, applications, and online information. GamaSec can be used by any website of any size and is now available to all CloudFlare customers: https://www.cloudflare.com/apps/gamasec

Vulnerability Scanning

GamaSec goes beyond signature-based tools to find more "real" vulnerabilities.

The GamaSec Application Vulnerability Scanner identifies application vulnerabilities such as Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and Code Inclusion, as well as site exposure risks. It also ranks threat priority, produces highly graphical, intuitive HTML reports, and indicates site security posture by vulnerabilities and threat exposure.

App: GamaSec Web Application Security and Vulnerability Scanning Benefits of GamaSec

Regular use of GamaSec's on-demand vulnerability assessment service provides the following benefits:

  • Fully automated scans
  • Easy dashboard & reporting
  • Web application SaaS Scanner
  • Update vulnerability protection
  • Trusted Website Security Seal
  • Web Application Scan via Cloud Computing

Plans, pricing and getting started

Like all CloudFlare apps, GamaSec is one-click simple, turned on in a customer's app dashboard.

There are two different plans, including Basic for $7.99 a month, per domain, and Premium for $16.99 a month, per domain, to fit the varied needs of different customers.

Visit the GamaSec app page to learn more and to get signed up!

P.S. GamaSec followed the CloudFlare app development process. CloudFlare is hiring to extend our platform.