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You care about your website, and you want it to be found. For many visitors, finding your website starts with search engines. Together, Google, Bing, Baidu and others are huge sources of traffic for every website.

The extra speed and security CloudFlare delivers are helpful for search engine ranking, but there are many other factors, including site content, organization and proper promotion.

The newest CloudFlare App, Clearspike automates the search engine optimization (SEO) process to help your website attract more organic search engine traffic.

We know you cared enough to make your website faster and safer. Improving your SEO is a complementary step, and we're pleased to make it easy to use the Clearspike service and tap into the expertise of the Clearspike team for additional benefits.

How it works


Like other CloudFlare Apps, Clearspike is easy to activate, with different levels of service available immediately, and no long-term commitment.

  • Self-Service Plan: Get custom recommendations and update website yourself. $24 / month.
  • Automated Plan: Use Clearspike tools to get website optimized automatically. $49 / month.
  • Do-It-For-Me Plan: Get Clearspike experts to optimize your website. $199 / month.

There's no tricks: the experts at Clearspike capture a wealth of experience in an easy-to-use service which makes their expertise usable and easy to apply.

At every level of service, Clearspike actively reviews your site for possible improvements, making recommendations and giving you tools to take action. The service includes keyword recommendations, page title optimizations, submission to appropriate directories, finding broken links, checking sitemaps and more. Clearspike helps you measure your progress, too, so you can see the return on your investment in SEO.

Try Clearspike now.

P.S. Clearspike made their service available to CloudFlare customers using the app development platform. CloudFlare is hiring to extend the platform.