Using a VeraCrypt File Container to Encrypt Local Website Files

If you are doing website development and have a local repository, or store website backups on your computer, you should strongly consider encrypting these sensitive files. In the event that your computer is compromised, the encrypted container prevents an attacker from gaining access to your website (via database configuration files) and other private data. This More Info »

Making the World Better by Breaking Things

Ben Sadeghipour, Technical Account Manager, HackerOne, and Katie Moussouris, Founder & CEO, Luta Security Moderator: John Graham-Cumming, CTO, Cloudflare Photo by Cloudflare Staff JGC: We’re going to talk about hacking Katie Moussouris helps people how to work around security vulnerabilities. Ben Sadeghipour is a technical account manager at HackerOne, and a hacker at night JGC: More Info »

A Cloud Without Handcuffs

Brandon Philips, Co-Founder & CTO, CoreOS, and Joe Beda, CTO, Heptio, & Co-Founder, Kubernetes Moderator: Alex Dyner, Co-Founder & COO, Cloudflare Photo by Cloudflare Staff We’re exploring increasing risk of few companies locking in customers gaining more power over time. AD: I want to hear your stories about how you got into what you do. More Info »

Making Mobile Faster than Fixed Line

Cole Crawford, Founder & CEO, Vapor IO, and Chaitali Sengupta, Consultant, Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies Moderator: Michelle Zatlyn, Co-Founder & COO, Cloudflare Photo by Cloudflare Staff CC: moved between private and public sector. CS: her company added 100 million customers in India. MZ: Let’s start with where we are today: trends or things you’re seeing in More Info »

Disruptive Cryptography: Post-Quantum & Machine Learning With Encrypted Data

Shay Gueron, Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Haifa, Israel, and Raluca Ada Popa, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, UC Berkeley Moderator: John Graham-Cumming, CTO, Cloudflare Photo by Cloudflare Staff Raluca is also a Co-Director of the RISELab at UC Berkeley as well as Co-Founder and CTO of a cybersecurity startup called PreVeil. She developed More Info »

Old Themes, Abandoned Scripts and Pitfalls of Cleaning Serialized Data

Over the summer we’ve seen waves of WordPress database infections that use vulnerabilities in tagDiv’s Newspaper/Newsmag themes or InterconnectIT Search and Replace scripts (searchreplacedb2.php). The injections range from ad scripts coming from established ad networks like to new domains created specifically for those attacks. Typical injected scripts look like this: <s cript type='text/javascript' src='hxxps://con1.sometimesfree[.]biz/c.js’> More Info »